Generating evidence to meet the expectations of the people or entities that evaluate, prescribe or consume a drug is an obligation to optimize its value. This obligation allows us to optimize its development with regulators, its market access conditions with respect to payers, and its adoption by healthcare professionals and patients. Because this evidence generation process is addressing different stakeholders, it must involve the different components of a Pharma company: medical, commercial, market access, under the authority of the General Management.

Euresis Partners comes from the realization that the deep interconnection and interdependence of numerous stakeholders and processes in the healthcare sector is a reality, but one that is often understated and underestimated.  Various players such as health providers, patients, careers, public authorities, media, manufacturers and service providers are constantly interacting; the positioning or behavior of one of these stakeholders has an immediate impact on the others. From science to organization of care, from development to evaluation, market access and commercialization, all steps […]