Euresis Partners

Strategic and operational consulting firm specialized in the healthcare sector

Why Euresis Partners

Euresis Partners comes from the realization that the deep interconnection and interdependence of numerous stakeholders and processes in the healthcare sector is a reality, but one that is often understated and underestimated.

Various players such as health providers, patients, careers, public authorities, media, manufacturers and service providers are constantly interacting; the positioning or behavior of one of these stakeholders has an immediate impact on the others. From science to organization of care, from development to evaluation, market access and commercialization, all steps of the process are similarly deeply interconnected and any disruption has the potential to impact the whole process.

This interdependence is further amplified by new systems and technologies that make it possible to aggregate additional knowledge, data and perspectives.

Deep expertise and complementary experience and perspectives are required to address this complexity and interconnectivity. This is why Euresis Partners was created – to generate innovative strategies and solutions through a holistic approach.

Who we are

Euresis Partners is a strategic and operational consulting firm specialized in the healthcare sector.

The firm was founded by eight partners, each of them recognized healthcare professionals and managers with extensive experience within pharmaceutical groups and consulting firms, in France and abroad.

Thanks to our partners’ unique expertise and to their international network of influencers, we are able to offer a wide range of services to our customers – from diagnosis to shareholders mapping, strategy development and implementation.  We develop targeted solutions for your business, based on your needs, the reality of the market and the constraints of the environment you are operating in.

What we do

We are specialized in services related to pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medically positioned food supplements, health services including e-health.

Leveraging our experienced team and their respective international network, we are able to offer tailored strategic and operational solutions in the following areas:

  • Clinical development and regulatory strategy for health products
  • Market Access and Public Affairs
  • Marketing and Sales strategy and operational excellence
  • Business opportunity assessment and international development
  • Patients Journey
  • Organizational change and efficiency
  • Business model for companies wishing to set up in Europe
  • Public/private partnerships

Whenever necessary, we can leverage big data and new analytical tools to complement our offer.

How we work

We work in close collaboration with our customers and their teams, co-creating strategies and solutions with them: innovative biotechs, international pharmaceutical groups undergoing permanent transformation, small and medium-sized companies looking for growth opportunities.

Our professional ethics reflect our demand for quality and rigor in serving our clients.

  • When starting a mission, Euresis Partners brings around the table the critical mass of experience and skills needed to drive it to success. The mission is conducted under the direct, stated and effective responsibility of one identified partner.
  • We embrace a collaborative approach with our customers.
  • We work in a flexible, agile way that adapts to the timing and budgetary requirements of our projects.