Véronique Ameye

INSEAD Advanced management program (AMP), PARIS VI Science University advanced degree (DEA), ESITPA Agriculture Engineer.

Véronique followed a diversified and career in the pharmaceutical industry, acting in operational and general management positions, as well as managing change and mergers in a number of companies. She provided a direct support to commercial operations for several years,  while continuously working in an international environment.
Heading the commercial operations of a major French Pharma company, she participated in the prefiguration and negotiation of the French conventional policy between the French Government and health products Industry representatives. She built skills and expertise in public affairs and participated in the genesis of the market access function by supporting multiple access dossiers of biochemicals as well as biotech products, from the initial phases of clinical development to reimbursement and pricing.
Her experience within the largest international pharma groups has been forged both in France and with European and global teams. Combining scientific education, sales and marketing management skills and a great knowledge of the regulated institutional environment of health products, Véronique has developed skills in management, strategy, operational execution, cross-functional coordination, talent development, mentoring. negotiations and high-level institutional relations. She has the leadership and integrated cross functional vision to successfully serve the most innovative and ambitious projects.

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