Bernard Hamelin

Bernard is a medical doctor by training with more than 25 years of experience in France and abroad in the fields of clinical development and medical affairs at Astra Zeneca and Sanofi. Specialized in recent years in the area of real-life health data and digital tools, he has focused on reducing research and clinical development lead times and generating robust data to support access to market of new medicines.

The convergence between recent discoveries in molecular and cellular biology and the digital transformation resulting from access to large amounts of health data has led drug companies to revisit the planning and conduct of clinical studies. The exploitation of these data has also made it possible to share more precise information with health authorities and practitioners on the risks and benefits observed by sub-groups of patients. Finally, the integration of data from a variety of sources, such as data from patients’ environments, analysis of their behaviour or their treatment by healthcare systems, has made it possible to develop much more robust predictive models. Thanks to his experience and the links he has created with international data companies as well as with the companies behind the new analytical tools adapted to these data, Bernard is now considered an expert in the field by industry, service companies and public authorities.

As a member of the French Society of Liver and Digestive Tract Diseases, Bernard Hamelin has acquired medical expertise in several other therapeutic areas.

Key areas of expertise in the field of health products (France and Europe):

Therapeutic Areas: Hepatologie, gastroenterology, immunology, oncology, rares diseases, respiratory et cardiovascular diseases

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