Robert Dahan

Gastroenterologist by training, with decades of executive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including an extensive background in clinical trial methodology and statistics.

Robert started his career as a medical resident and Deputy Clinical Chief for the Hospitals of Paris. He joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1984, holding various leadership positions before becoming in 1991 Medical and Scientific Director for Astra France. In 2001, following Astra Zeneca merger, Robert became President of AstraZeneca France and supported the reorganization of the company, as well as the restructuring of the company’s product portfolio, including the introduction to the French market of new drugs in various therapeutic area including cardio-metabolism, gastroenterology, oncology. In 2010, Robert became Vice President International Business Strategy, in charge of harmonizing Astra Zeneca’s international commercial strategies.
Robert left the pharmaceutical industry in 2014 to become an independent consultant. Under this new role, Robert has supported various multinational pharmaceutical companies and biotech in the definition and the review of Product Development Plans and Product Life Cycle Management Plans, implementing the concept of Evidence Generation. His scientific and commercial expertise, combined with a high-level network of influencers, have helped many organizations achieve their objectives and redefine their medico-marketing strategies.

Therapeutic areas: Oncology, cardiology and metabolism, gastroenterology, neurology, pneumology, dermatology…

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